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Accreditation Framework


Providing access to MKCL’s web based accreditation framework with preconfigured assessment criteria of the respective Accrediting Body with functionalities listed below for managing the IQAC process for obtaining accreditation. The framework shall offer following standardized process built around the functionalities. The framework is capable to cater the requirements of multiple Accrediting Bodies. The access to the said framework is on Software as a Service (SaaS) basis.

  1. Predefined Assessment Criteria, Sub-Criteria.
  2. Definition of custom Performance Indicators, Performance Sub-Indicators.
  3. Dashboards: Criteria wise dashboards with KPI’s for Top officers, Administrators, IQAC Members, HODs, and Teachers.
  4. Setting of target rating.
  5. Submission of evidences by process owners against the assigned sub-indicators.
  6. Review and approval based finalization of submissions.
  7. Document Library for maintaining track of evidences.
  8. Definition of Assessment Plans for Mock and Actual Assessment with desired frequency.
  9. Gap Analyzer for taking corrective actions for bridging the gap between target rating and current status.
  10. Survey Builder tool for conducting custom surveys among the stakeholders.

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