Benefits to University

Key Benefits

  1. On schedule, hassle free cycle from Admission to Results till Convocation.
  2. Substantial savings in Time, Cost and Efforts
  3. Life-long electronic data for instant retrieval
  4. All previous academic years’ information/ records available for instant retrieval in electronic form.
  5. Paper less transaction achieved with in University departments, and across Universities and colleges
  6. Optimized and re-engineered processes
  7. Seamless data transaction between college and University Therefore Reduction in data duplication efforts at various levels.
  8. System generated outputs with no errors.
  9. Reduction in student cycles to colleges and University to submit and receive various applications, Forms, Fees and many others leading to Substantial savings in Time, Cost and Efforts
  10. Resulting into Improved Efficiency.

Salient Features

  1. Generic, standardized yet configurable, world-class framework to suit needs of every university
  2. Various Statistical and Detailed Reports at a click
  3. End-to-End Integration of all major business processes of the University
  4. Real time Dashboards for Decision Support and Process Control Mechanism
  5. Strong local and remote support mechanism
  6. Hosting on load balanced, secured private cloud servers with disaster recovery mechanisms

Functional Modules: Service to the University

Student Life Cycle Management System

Online Application Solutions

Anytime, anywhere, single online application for all courses & colleges, admission procedure, eligibility criteria etc.

Academic Program Management: Program-Course Definition and Management

Choice Based Credit System, Grading, Marking, Course-Subjects Structure, Assessment Scheme Definition, Syllabus Definition with Content Design and Integration Tool

Registration and Enrolment Management

Eligibility, Enrolment, Bulk Eligibility achieved through Integration with the Higher Secondary Certification Board, Single Permanent Registration Number(PRN) throughout life, Entire Academic Profile at a glance.

Learning Management System: ‘ERA’

SCORM and QTI Standards Compliant, RLO Repository, Online Course Design and Integration Tool, Personalized Self-Paced Learning, Multilingual, Continuous Comprehensive Assessment, Group & Collaborative Learning, Sequential or Open Choice Based Access to the Learning Objects.

Examination Management and Reconciliation

Schedule, Time-Table, Centers, Venues, Prefilled Exam Forms, Hall Ticket, Block wise Junior Supervisor & Attendance Sheet with Thumbnail Photo & Sign, Question Paper Packet Distribution, Statistical & Analytical Reports

  1. Assessment and Evaluation Management

    Secured & Distributable Assessment Data Entry, Coding-Decoding, Marks Modification Control & Report, ICR Data Import, Live Data Progress Report,

  2. Result processing and certification using centralized result processing engine :

    Program Definition based Result Processing, Ordinance and Grace Application, Unfair-Means Cases Management, Annulment, BAR Coded Statement of Marks and Grades, Result Register/Ledger, Press Report for Result Publication, Controlled Change, Change Approval, Log & Audit, Tool for Legacy System Data Migration.

Online Examination System: ‘OES’

Unicode Support, 11 Types of Adaptive Question Presentation, Dynamic Question Mix from Question Bank, Automated Instant Evaluation, e-Certification and Feedback, Evaluation Data Synch for Results, Electronic Remote Surveillance, QTI Standards Compliant, Pseudo/Fully-Online Deployment Model

Affiliation Management System

Perspective Plan, Online Processing of Applications for New College and Affiliation (First Affiliation, Extension, Permanent Affiliation, Addition of Subject, Division, Faculty, Increase of Intake), De-affiliation Process, Intake Capacity Administration, LIC Verification Process and Reports, Final Decision Letter and MIS

Library Automation System: ‘Libreria’

OPAC, Book Reservation, Book Management, Accessioning, Membership Management, Circulation, Catalogue, 50+ Reports, Interactive and Dynamic Dashboard, Show Web Information for Books, Stock Taking, Book bank, Tool for Legacy System Data Migration.

Enterprise Application Services:

Integrated Portal CMS for RTI Compliance

Multilingual Content Management System, Menu Management, Meeting Management, Organizational Messaging System, Complaint & Grievance Management, FAQs, Sitemap, Visual Tour, Photo Gallery, Calendar, Organization Structure Definition & Management, Role & User Management, Teachers’ Profile

IT Infrastructure Services

Organizational Messenger, Remote IT Asset Inventory and Management, GIS, Virtual Classroom, Webcasting, IT Infrastructure Consultation

Quality Management Services: ‘Accreditation Framework’

Reports for Accrediting Bodies, Statistical Data for Self-Assessment Report (SAR), Real-Time KPI Dashboard