Degree Education through Distance/ External Education

Distance education is a way of learning remotely without being in regular face-to-face contact with a teacher in the college classrooms. For Example, (External Admission, Correspondence Courses etc.)

Advantages of Distance/External Education:

Distance/External Education suits to:

a. Students who want learn at their own pace, at their own convenient time and place.
b. Students who loves to learn in Self Learning mode
c. Students who are living in remote areas like Villages, Hilly areas and do not have immediate local access to college or university
d. Students who want Learn and Earn simultaneously
e. Students who are self-disciplined and self-motivated
f. Students whose focus are MPSC/UPSC/Competitive Exam/Professional Diplomas
g. Working professionals
h. Army professionals
i. Housewives

Your classroom is right in your home, office, study circle or any place where you can focus on studies. You can study whenever, wherever: Except in scenarios where you have to attend an online tutorial at a given time or a lecture through videoconferencing, you can pretty much study whenever you want to, wherever you choose to. You need not be stuck in a classroom, but can go study in your garden, on your living room couch or in the comfort of your own bed. You can choose an optimum time to study whenever you're at your productive best.

Students are able to conveniently learn through the course material at their own pace. The prospect of going to classroom education can be frightening. Asking a question or revealing that you are unable to grasp a concept in class can be quite embarrassing for many students. Distance education can be a solution for such students

If your focus is MPSC/UPSC/ Competitive Exams. You can concentrate on it and can simultaneously get degree through a Distance Degree Program of university.

You get to learn while you earn! You can pursue a job along with studies. Distance education comes as a blessing for such students. You can study on the weekends, when you're back from work or even in the middle of the night.

You can save money: For any given program, the fee of a distance education degree (online or otherwise) may be much more affordable than the fee of a regular on-campus degree. Students who are looking for economically viable options can go for a distance learning program.

A virtual classroom makes learning easier. You can download and refer to the materials whenever you like, interact with fellow students and some Educational program offer you discussion forums and study material like video lectures, eBooks etc.

You save time: There's no time wasted in going to and from college, no time wasted waiting for a bus or train. In a distance learning program, your classroom is right in your office or home.

If you are self-disciplined and self-motivated, the best benefit of distance education is that you can learn at your own pace. It's a known fact that different people learn in different ways and at different speeds. In a classroom, when everyone is being taught together, it is often difficult to have every student on the same page. Some students are too shy to raise their doubts in class. This is where distance education has an advantage over a regular campus program.

Since you are given all course work beforehand, you can study as much or as little as you want every day, as long as you complete your study material within the stipulated time. If you've doubts or queries, there are discussion forums, chat facilities with faculty and complete support from the distance education provider.

Employers are encouraging their employees: Distance education over the years has finally found some acceptance and recognition among employers, which is an encouraging sign. Distance degree programs stand automatically recognized for the purpose of employment to posts and services under the Central Government. Private sector employers also value a distance education degree now, and even encourage employees to pursue higher education along with their job so that employees can develop skills and expertise in their field of work.

India is moving towards online and distance education in large numbers due to the advent of Digital India and increasing edutech popularity.