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Secured Remote Paper Delivery (SRPD)

The SRPD aims at:
  • Hassle free electronic distribution of question papers in a secured manner to examination venues where there are less number of students at a venue at remote place.
  • Use of existing data of pre-examination generated in Digital University® Framework so as to avoid duplication of activities.
  • Bringing a transformation in the examination process by laying a foundation for Online Examinations.

Services and Features

Broadly following services will be covered,

  1. SRPD will be integrated with Digital University® Framework for the following data
    1. List of papers to be set (with student count) will be taken from Pre-examination activity
    2. List of papers for which Question Papers are ready and not ready can be seen online which will enable control over missing QPs well before the start of the examination.
    3. The list of papers will be taken from course definition and hence it will not be necessary to define papers once again for SRPD as against any other stand-alone system.
    4. Venue as defined in the Pre-exam module will be taken automatically from the system and hence it will not be necessary to define venues again.
  2. Two-stage Ultimate security
    1. Synchronous (Basic Version)
      1. i. In this option, file will be encrypted (binary encryption with salting) for storage on the secured server.
      2. ii. System generated run time password will be sent to the concerned by SMS / Email for downloading the file and another password will be sent for opening the file.
    2. Asynchronous (Ultimate Version)
      1. In this option, file will be encrypted (with Digital Certificate/Signature) for storage on the secured server.
      2. Pre-registered Digital Signatures of the staff in colleges will be able to access and open the file.

Scope and Methodology

It is proposed two phase implementation. In first phase option 1 will be implemented and in second phase option 2 as given below will be implemented. The timeline for implementation of Option 2 shall be mutually decided by University and MKCL.

  1. Option 1
    1. Set of 3 question papers in PDF will be uploaded at University Strong Room/paper setters
    2. The uploaded question papers in PDF will be encrypted with either salt key and stored in binary form for security or encrypted with Digital Signature of the Competent Authority or Digital Certificate of the server.
    3. Based on the structure, system will generate question paper at the 11th hour from question bank.
    4. Generated question paper will be checked by Subject Expert sitting in the strong room.
    5. The discarding of the question paper and its regeneration will be possible, if Subject Expert rejects the question paper generated by the system.

  2. Option 2
    1. Subject Expert(s) will create question bank subject and paper -wise.
    2. Subject Expert(s) will design the generic structure of the paper which will specify unit- wise number of questions with difficulty level to be asked in the question paper.
    3. Random selection of one of the question papers at the pre-set time will be done by system
    4. Advance downloading time will be configurable by CoE/ Strong Room.

  3. Relevant necessary reports will be available on portal, such as
    1. Registered Supervisors’ List at colleges
    2. Registration Pendency List
    3. Question Paper Uploaded status
    4. File download status (for making an alternative arrangement such as email/fax)
    5. Consumed papers shall be automatically made available in the student’s login as ‘Old Question Papers’ (eSuvidha)

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