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Workflow and File tracking Management System (WFMS)

  1. Install and configure open source software as “File Tracking cum Workflow Management System”. The customization and configuration of the system for workflows will be offered on one time charge basis. MKCL shall initially configure the software for various sections and their workflows. The Client will be able to customize the workflows for different functions of the University, subject to constraints of customization in terms of listed values of attributes, nomenclature, style sheet, access method together with the constraints of capabilities of the open source system. The post implementation support shall be provided by MKCL as and when required on chargeable basis. The charges for extending such support through remote have been included in AMC as given in Financial Terms. In case, local support has to be given onsite, the air travel charges and accommodation charges at actuals, after first two visits, will have to be borne by the University.

  2. The scope of the work to be done by MKCL is as follows:
  1. Make default customized configurations in terms of enhancements of the system.
  2. Create roles and associate them with functions, integrate with Client’s Active Directory for easy access, if any.
  3. Create a separate workspace and workflows for each function based on the preparation document.
  4. Enable and configure the features provided by software, and if required by Client, from the following list:
    1. Issue tracking
    2. Time tracking
    3. News
    4. Documents
    5. Files
    6. Wiki
    7. Repository
    8. Forums
    9. Calendar
    10. Gantt Chart
  1. Consultancy services in terms of customization of the workflow management system which is open source application shall be provided in the form of “Software As a Service” (“Saas”) model.
  2. The software system for which MKCL is rendering consultancy hereunder is a separate standalone system and cannot be integrated with any other system framework provided by MKCL.
  3. The system is open source application and MKCL proposes to offer its expertise for customization and configurations only as required by the Client.

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