The Essence of the Digital University®

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Driven by a strong brand ideology, Digital University through Its suite of services, offers integrated and comprehensive solutions to universities using the Information Technology for effective university management”. In an attempt towards bringing the paradigm shift in education, MKCL has developed This framework in close collaboration with several universities in Maharashtra, India and outside Maharashtra, India.

Because of these co-creation efforts, the framework has come up with excellent enriching functionalities. The framework is both standard and generic yet so flexible and configurable that it caters requirements of every university. Digital University framework has completely re-engineered the traditional process in the interest of the students, universities and colleges and the resulting set of the integrated functionalities has uniquely emerged to facilitate the management of the student life cycle in university and its affiliated colleges.

Learn more about Degree Education through the following modes of Education:


New Offerings

Academic Program Management

  • Supports Regular , Online & Distance Education Programs
  • Detailed Program Structure Definition
  • Detailed Course Assessment Definition
  • Faculties, BOS and Syllabus Definition
  • Supports Multiple Patterns
  • Supports Outcome based Learning
  • Program Verification & Validation

Online Admission services

  • Online Applications.
  • Single Application for multiple Courses
  • Online Payments of Application and Program Fees
  • Online Submission of Documents & Verification
  • Merit List Generations & Seat Allocation

Learning Management System

  • Unique User Login
  • Access to Multiple Courses
  • E-Books, Audio Video Tutorials

Examination Management System

  • Pre Examination
  • On Examination
  • Post Examination
  • Results
  • Reports

Online On Demand Examination

  • Effective Continuous Internal Evaluation
  • Mass personalized manner
  • Question Bank Supporting 11 types of Questions
  • Restricted Navigation
  • Online Evidence Library
  • MIS & Reports

Secured Remote Paper Delivery (SRPD)

  • Integrated with DU Framework
  • Supervisor Registration
  • Two-stage Ultimate security
  • Question Papers in Encrypted format
  • Venue wise Question paper Downloaded Report

Human Resource Management Services (HRMS)

  • Employee’s Profile Management
  • Operations Management
  • Leave Management
  • Payroll management
  • Performance Appraisal Management

Accreditation Framework

  • Process/Event Driven Approach
  • “Build-Up” Approach for “Continuous Improvement” and evaluation
  • Involvement of all the stake holders
  • Maintaining evidences at each level
  • Continuous monitoring & improvement
  • Student Feedback & Survey

Workflow Management System

  • Paper less web based Office Administration tool
  • Interoffice Communication
  • User Reassignment
  • Role Based Accessibility & Work Status
  • Flexibility in Work Flow Pattern
  • Email Notification
  • Gantt Charts & Calendar View
  • Document Library

Data analytics

  • User Login Based Analytical Dashboard
  • Admission Analysis Dashboard
  • Examination Operation Analysis Dashboard
  • Result Analysis Dashboard
  • Financial Dashboard

Document Management System

  • Centralized Document Management Archival System
  • History/Version Tracking
  • Two step Role Based Authentication & Approval Mechanism
  • Categorization of Documents
  • Reduced Carbon Prints
  • Easy access through Quick Search

Institute Profile Management

  • Online Applications for new applicants
  • Renewal of Affiliation
  • MIS
  • Standard Government Reports (RUSA,NAAC, AISHE)
  • Employee Profile Management

Ph.D. Student Lifecycle Management System

  • Online Application System
  • Online Ph.D. Entrance Test
  • Online Registration
  • Research Center Registration
  • Category wise Vacancy Calculation
  • Thesis Management